woof day26

My mummy has been very ill

I have been brave and got looked after by my aunt but its been so hard

Mummy is able to post to you at moment as she’s a bit brighter.

We are sorry for not been as regular as we hoped

I hope all.you furry friends are doing good

Woof bye


woof day 22

We have been unable to post due to my friend not getting his home

Then we tried again but we did not want him to go to them

Finally and hoping a new family come for him tomorrow

Papers are signed its just a big worry

So sorry woof friends for not been about

I hope you all good

Woof bye

Resting after a long walk 

Source google images

Woof day18

Hello my furry friends what a day today as it all been about my friends rehoming.

We have a perfect candidate for my friend. He is in transition mode for his new family .but he has made a very big impact on his new to be family.

We have visited and how posh will my friend be wow .the garden is massive and the house really big as well. Not that size matters but we was very impressed how his new home could be.

The new to be owner wanted him there and then but agrees it has to be done right.

The nice thing is he will be local so we will still see him if this new adoption works.

I am really pleased for my friend and hope it all works out for him.

I will keep you updated on how it goes we just in final process of him living with new family.

So my woof friends do always keep hope up as it can make the world a better place.

Big hugs to all humans with a heart may all your dogs be forever happy.

Woof bye

Woof day17 &18

Hi woof friends I totally lost track of time today due to trying to regime my friend

Post below regarding him.my mum has had lots of people interested but like mum says he must go to correct person.

We had a horrible person try for him but we soon realised he would be no good

Clever mum always spot bad ones

This is my new to be homed friend

woof day16

Hello my furry friends. I hope you are all doing well.

Today has been a great day I have had some photographs taken I am not keen on cameras so mum thought I did really well.

We had a visit to the vet nurse and yep I have to go on a big diet.

I know my mum loves me to bits and I always win treats.but no the vet nurse was not happy so diet time

Eeeeek I am.not sure how I will cope but mum says its for.best.

Oh well I will keep you posted and if anyone have any diet tips for us dogs .please do share ideas

Woof bye 

woof day15

Hi my friends today mum is bit better we went out and I got so muddy

So yes a nice bath for me and a blueberry massage I just smell amazing

I want to share a picture of kindness

The source is in the pic

Woof bye

woof day 14

Hi my four legged friends well woof day14 has been a hard day. Due to my mum been so ill. She has had to spend the whole day in bed.

I got my walks and feeding but all I wanted to do was lay on bed with mum.

Even knowing she is ill  I like to comfort her . I guess its a way of giving back love to her.

Poor mum has missed out on a lovely dinner at my aunts and I know she is gutted 

Let’s hope mum gets well soon so she can have fun.

Poor mum woof bye