woof day6

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So my mum wants to talk about puppies

My mum does lots of spiritual things which this is my blog so I won’t woof on

The money she receives all profit goes to her favorite dogs trust and also to the weird wonderful wildlife unit mum and volunteers have built over the past few years

I love it because I was one of those poor animals before mum saved me

She was sad today to find out yet again lots of puppies have been given as Christmas presents and then left for charities to pick up the pieces.

Mums message is stop getting any pet not just puppies if you are not responsible or have a heart full of love

Don’t get these poor furballs

I am giving mum.lots of cuddles as she is sad due to this

To all abandoned animals.puppies etc be strong and I pray you all find a loving home

Woof bye


3 thoughts on “woof day6

  1. A puppy is for life and definitely should not be bought as a Christmas gift. You are right in that they then end up in the rescue shelters.
    Here in SA you cannot buy dogs or cats in pet shops any more, which does help with the unwanted animals. A lot of people will go to animal shelters to look for their new pets and there are strict adoption policies, so hopefully less returns.

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