woof day11

Hello my furry friends. Last night and today I have been a nervous boy.

I just can not cope with the wind I even chewed my favorite toy.but mum has already ordered me another one.

Although my mum is not a well person she made.sure I was with her all day. I usually am but mum might eat out and they won’t let me in there. 

Anyway with massive cuddles and lots of kisses I got through it.

I don’t know why I am.like this I was abused very bad before mum got me.

I am.nearly blind and have some brain damage due to a big kick in my nose when I was 7 or 8 weeks old I also had a broken elbow and was riddled with worms and fleas

This thing does go on where I was from ended up on TV where lots of furry friends were dead or too abused and had to go to doggy heaven.

Mum is the best but she always says I saved her.I hope so as without each other I don’t know where I would be

Pups never give up someone is out there for you 

And the pups that go back to heaven rest in peace none of it was your fault.

Sorry its an emotional day 

Woof bye 

Pic above is believed to be my dog mum not me 


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