woof day 27/2

Just a quick. Cheat sheet for dogs.the source is in the picture.

I hope all my furry friends


woof day 19/02

My mum and I have been very busy as we are interviewing for new staff 

My mum.is super as she is involving all of us animals to meet and greet
We have got through first set of which all were very nice .

So if mum and me.don’t post for a while it is due to working 27 into 2 people very very hard

 Bye woof 

woof day 0202

Mummy and me have been very busy trying to home my friend. 2 legged people was messing him around way to much.

We for him back and finally have a happy story for him

Gosh I will miss my friend but now I know he is safe mum and I are happy

Much love woof bye