Spinning dog nose

Omg this dog is so clever

Allows a spinner on its nose

Not sure if it likes it. But very clever

Just remember they are sharp so please be very careful 


He saved me again

My beautiful boy saved me again

He caught me in a hypo and rushed into kitchen to get crisps.

Popped back open and fed me a few.. this may sound gross to some but he is injected flea treated and wormed. 

The nurse came over when I was aware and agreed he is a total hero

He is and I love him so much

My rescued dog again rescued his mummy

Love you puppy xxxx 

Welcome June 2017

Welcome June 2017

Mummy has made a list to help us waggy tails

  • Make sure we have access to fresh water at all times 
  • Remember to have portable water bottles when we go on walks
  • Take doggy wipes for instant  cooling
  • Always have poo bags handy
  • Most cafes and bars have water bowls .if not ask to refill 
  • Never leave me in a car even if window are party open

Love to all my woof