I feel so bad

I have spoken before how my furball was abused very seriously that it left him blind and has brain damage 

The evil 1 went to jail and the  rescue team wanted to put him down as an act of mercy.

I saw this tiny ball of fluff with his nose kicked into his skull. I cried for hours begging the vet to let him live

I was told he probably wouldn’t make it. But he did thankfully. 

The vet bills were crazy I had to get loan after loan.

But he is so worth it.

He has self taught himself with my blood sugars. How no one can explain it.

Growing up its been a very slow process. He has a older brother not blood line who lives with him

He is so loyal and could be walked off his lead . But this can not happen as he fears men

The reason I feel so bad is I tickled his tummy as I thought he was awake

Now poor boy has gone behind the sofa so we are having a set back

He is coming out for treats though .

He has been a full on furball from day1

But from a dog who would not step outside to one who does long wars with his special gear on saying do not pet. Nervous dog .he really is awesome. 

I jus feel so bad that I touched him during his sleep.

It’s 4am uk time so I best sleep and not over fuss.

Hopefully I wI’ll wake up with his cute face resting on my  bed

4 thoughts on “I feel so bad

  1. Aw It’s great that you gave this poor boy a second chance. 🙂
    But really, don’t over-stress about what just happened. Dogs are much better than us at living in the moment, so just carry on as you have been doing and all will be forgotten 🙂


    1. Oh your right I woke up and my bundle of joy was on his lamby on my bed.
      I know I fuss him but he is so important to me
      Both of them are.
      My last rescue furball latest 21 human years bless her.
      Thanks for replying he is fast asleep at my feet

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  2. Breaks my heart to think of what his life was like before you happened. Love him, treat him with kindness and make the rest of his days what every dog should experience every day of their lives!


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